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Young woman holding her temples in pain

What is Meniere’s Disease?

What is Meniere's Disease? If you're suffering from hearing loss, dizziness, and ringing in an ear, you may have Meniere's disease. Named after the French physician Prosper Meniere, the first person to figure out that…
Carey Daniels
August 12, 2022

Nightshifts and BPPV

Do Night Shifts Increase the Risk of BPPV?      Human evolution did not come across the concept of night shift until the American genius Edison invented the electric bulb. Before that, there were occasional…
Carey Daniels
August 17, 2020

Can Physical Therapy Help With Vertigo

Vertigo is a surprisingly common ailment that affects millions of Americans. Although not a life-threatening condition its effects can change the quality of life for sufferers. Those who live with vertigo deal with discomforts of unexpected spinning, rocking, and tilting sensation that can worsen with head movement. Despite how common vertigo is, many of those who experience vertigo are unaware that physical therapy can be a useful tool to combat vertigo attacks and help them regain their life again.  Techniques and frequency of visits to your physical therapist or doctor will depend on the cause of your vertigo. Vertigo can be caused by…
Carey Daniels
July 8, 2020

Making Your Home Safer During Vertigo Attacks

Making Your Home Safer During Vertigo Attacks Many vertigo sufferers have gone to lengths to make adjustments in their lives and environment to make life with vertigo safer. Making and keeping your home a safe environment and removing falling hazards is every vertigo sufferer's top priority. Aiming to keep hallways clear of clutter, rearrange your furniture to avoid tripping hazards, bathrooms safe from slipping accidents, and hallways…
Carey Daniels
May 15, 2020
Vertigo Symptoms

Understanding Vertigo

Chances are the majority of the public has heard the term vertigo, but how many understand what vertigo is? Some people believe vertigo is a spinning sensation at high altitudes, or heights. Others understand it to be dizziness. The term vertigo has been used as a blanketed term for so long that it’s lost its medical meaning in the general public. As vertigo affects millions of Americans, millions more do not understand how debilitating living with chronic vertigo can be. As an invisible ailment, vertigo can be difficult…
Carey Daniels
April 18, 2020

10 Ways We Found Relief From Vertigo

You remember your first vertigo attack, the day it happened, where it happened and how you hoped it was a fluke, a one-time dizzy spell. You never expected this experience to become a new reality,…
Carey Daniels
February 3, 2020