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All Natural Vertigo Relief

Contact Information

We want you to be totally comfortable using our products. If you have additional questions concerning DiVertigo, simply send us a message. We want to answer any questions that you have! Also, we love to hear from you about your experience using DiVertigo, so that we can share it with others. Thank you for your interest.

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How to get in touch

Give us a call at either of the top two numbers listed for Questions or call the Phone Order line, if you’d like to order DiVertigo over the phone. For email inquiries, please fill out the form and we will be back in touch as soon as we can!


Questions: 1(727)842-7544 or 1(888)212-5503

Phone Orders: (530) 763-2303

Hours: M-F, 9-8pm EST


Ocean Global
PO Box 20667
Mesa, AZ 85277