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Read what other people have to say about Divertigo

Take a second and browse through, just a few of the unsolicited comments below from people who have tried DiVertigo.

“I can’t live without mine. I have a bottle in my purse, on my bed table, in my car and at my mom’s. Thank you for making a product that works.”


“I just wanted to say I have been diagnosed with Meniere’s disease and have battled it for a long time now. I was skeptical about the DiVertigo product but decided to try it out. It has been the only product that has given me relief and it works very quickly.

Great product, thanks!”


“I am a 23 year old woman who has suffered from chronic vertigo(BPPV) for the last three years. I’ve tried everything. Been on medication, pills, physical therapy, head maneuvers, all of that. The maneuvers didn’t work, and the pills made me feel like I was drugged up so I stopped doing it all and just tried to fight through it in the hopes it would go away. A few weeks ago, I heard about your product and decided to give it a try and I’m amazed.

I can walk around and not fall over anymore. I can stand in the shower. I can SLEEP ON MY SIDE!

You have made an incredible product, truly, and you should all be extremely proud of yourself. While my vertigo isn’t completely gone, of course, you’ve done what literal years of physical therapy and medication didn’t.

Thank you, DiVertigo.”


“I have had slight to severe vertigo on and off for about a year now due to my allergies. When my allergies flared up so would the vertigo. I was at my wits end until I went to the store to buy some other motion sickness medicine. I saw your product and tried it. I was so surprised at how fast and effective it worked. Thank you for a great product that has given me my life back and worked better than the claims you make. Yeah, I said better!”

Nick Ruggiero, ACE Pilot Final Assembly/Army/Medevac Lines

“DiVertigo [is] all natural. They [use] a special formulation of Lavender, Peppermint, Frankincense, Chamomile, Myrrh, Ylang-Ylang and Birch.

Found this from their web site. Nice combination of essential oils. I definitely think they can help with some of the mild nausea symptoms. I personally use the Lavender, Peppermint Yiang smell oils daily.”

Edmund Cheung, MD. mPH.

“My husband suffered a stroke that affected his inner ear a couple of months ago. He had to use a wheelchair due to no balance at all. He used DiVertigo and within 10 minutes he stood up without dizzyness and took the 1st steps he’d taken in 2 months. It gave him the confidence and the ability to walk again. It does what it says it does!”


“Very helpful product. I’ve used this for about 6 months now and though my vertigo/dizziness isn’t completely gone it has diminished considerably. I would say the symptoms are half what they were before Divertigo. As for the cost? It’s worth it, $60/year.”

Marty B

“My husband had vertigo and ordered these drops to rub behind the ears..LO and Behold it worked. We used several bottles but he is now OK. Still have some just in case we need them again soon. Pleasant smell and I still can’t get over how well they helped him. Dizziness and nausea were gone immediately and when they came back a quick dose cleared it up.”

Pat McQuown, Supply, NC

“I think your product is wonderful. I occasionally get nauseous in the middle of the night, and medication of any sort makes it worse. I just put a couple of drops of DiVertigo behind my ears, and the room stops spinning within seconds so that I can get back to sleep…”

Ellen, NC

“I have Meniere’s Disease, which …causes ringing in the ears, hearing loss, dizziness. During one of my dizzy spells I tried it and I was elated! It worked, and it worked fast! Within about fifteen minutes, I was feeling better.
Please pass the word to other Meniere’s sufferers to try it. It will get you back to living your life without the panicky feeling of a dizzy spell. I can’t thank you enough for providing me a product that eases the day-to-day imbalance I experience.”

Lori, CA

“The other day I had an attack of vertigo and remembered that I had purchased a bottle of your wonderful DiVertigo. I was relieved of awful dizziness within 5 or 6 minutes. What a blessing! Now I don’t want to ever be without it and you can be sure that wherever I go, my precious little bottle of DiVertigo goes with me. Thank you so much.”

Doris, WA

“I have a problem with pills always allergic to them, but I’m so happy I don’t have any reactions with Di-Vertigo.”

Ann, HI
“No Questions Asked” Money-Back Guarantee

Always Be Prepared

Unfortunately, vertigo often goes hand-in-hand with inner ear issues. The feelings of dizziness, spinning sensation, loss of equilibrium and sometimes nausea, etc. are really frustrating. Regain your balance and control of your life. Where will you be and what will you be doing the next time that the world starts spinning and you feel dizzy? You never know – that’s the hard part. But with DiVertigo, you’re always prepared.

If you are unhappy with DiVertigo for any reason, simply return the unused portion for a full refund—no questions asked, because we are confident that DiVertigo will work for you.

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