Traveling Safely with Vertigo

The holidays are in full swing and along with the season comes holiday travel. Whether you are traveling to your favorite port of call to embark on your holiday cruise or flying to visit family,…
Carey Daniels
November 6, 2019

Essential Oils for Vertigo

Can Essential Oils Help with Vertigo?  Essential oils have been around for thousands of years. Today’s science has recently made them more widely accessible to everyone for health and well being. By choosing carefully which…
Carey Daniels
October 14, 2019

How Vertigo Affects Genders & Ages Differently

  Before you experience vertigo, the subject probably rarely crossed your consciousness. After you’ve experienced it, though, doesn’t it seem as if you can’t get enough information, because vertigo can rock your daily routine.  In…
Carey Daniels
September 21, 2019

Is What I’m Feeling Vertigo ?

    Millions of Americans currently suffer from adult-onset vertigo. Vertigo can be mistaken for other ailments or health issues such as low blood pressure, low blood sugar, lightheadedness due to hunger or physical strain.…
Carey Daniels
August 10, 2019
Vertigo Symptoms

Avoiding Vertigo Triggers

Vertigo is a set of symptoms, affecting a person’s equilibrium, that is most likely based on one of several underlying conditions, usually in the inner ear, but not always. The symptoms labeled vertigo include dizziness,…
Carey Daniels
May 15, 2017