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Making Your Home Safer During Vertigo Attacks

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Making Your Home Safer During Vertigo Attacks

Many vertigo sufferers have gone to lengths to make adjustments in their lives and environment to make life with vertigo safer. Making and keeping your home a safe environment and removing falling hazards is every vertigo sufferer’s top priority. Aiming to keep hallways clear of clutter, rearrange your furniture to avoid tripping hazards, bathrooms safe from slipping accidents, and hallways well lit at night. Your home should feel and be safe. With the help of this list, it can be that much closer to providing you and your family a safer environment to live in. When should you take action? Take a moment to evaluate how often and how severe your vertigo attacks are. Do they vary in intensity or frequency? Have you fallen before while in an episode? Were you able to make it to a safe area in time? Have you suffered injury from loss of balance? There may be enough reason for you to consider shifting the way your living space is arranged. Your safety should be the priority when making small or big adjustments in furniture arraignment.

Keep Pathways Clear 

Front doorway entrances have a  tendency to pile up with shoes, jackets, and mail. This can not just pose a safety risk for you but for anyone trying to make their way into the house. Consider doing some hefty decluttering or if the items are manageable then perhaps a through organizing. 

Staying Safe Around Pets

What would our lives be without our family pets? They provide companionship and love amongst many things and studies show that pet ownership comes with many health benefits.  Unfortunately, they can pose a significant risk to those with balance issues. Nearly 90,000 Americans were hospitalized due to falls involving a pet. Protect yourself and your four-legged family member from the frightful confusion with a trip. Following a few easy tips to better avoid any nasty falls can make your world safer.

Proper Lighting 

Nighttime can pose a hazard to those with balance issues. Subtle changes in house layout can lead to a night in the hospital with a sprain or broken bone. Protect yourself against forgotten pushed out chairs or temporary adjusted coffee tables with nighttime lighting. Bedside lamps and nightlights are a quick way to add lighting in your home without much fuss. Placing light sensor night lights in hallways come with the convenience of turning themselves on. Saving you money and time from needing to switch them off and on. Make sure to place your light nights in areas and passages that you often frequent during the night. If you are a midnight snacker or a nighttime bathroom visitor make sure these areas are prioritized. Make sure that your nights are bright enough to help you see your way around. Keep in mind, that too many nights in your sleeping area can affect your sleep. 

Shower Strategy 

According to the CDC bathrooms can be the most dangerous place in the house. Over 235,000 injuries are reported in people over 15 annually. Majority of accidents occurring while in the shower. Make sure you are safeguarding yourself against dangerous falls in the shower.

Improve Accessibility 

  • Add non-slip surfaces 
    Adding stick-on texture to slippery surfaces for extra grip and security 
  • Install support bars
    If you experience a vertigo attack while in the shower, support bars or handles can provide you with an extra added safety measure. 
  • Remove clutter
    Removing unnecessary bottles and items from the shower can help keep your showers more organized and safe. 
  • Clear obstacles 
    Bulky bath mats can pose a tripping hazard and are best replaced with thinner absorbent mats. Fixing mats to the floor can help from and surprise slips or sliding. 
  • Don’t overexert yourself 
    Consider adding a support bench in your shower. If you find yourself feeling overexerted or dizzy, a bench may be a safe option until you regain your balance. Benches or stools can also assist you while you scrub your legs and feet without the need for bending or balancing. 

Avoid Showering In An Empty House

It’s highly recommended to shower while someone is at home with you if an emergency occurs. Having a friend or loved one home with you while you bathe is a quick helpline if you need immediate assistance. You can rest assured you’ll be safe while maintaining your independence. 


 Footwear can play a huge role in how comfortable and stable we feel on our feet. Ensure that your shoes are not a hazard to you. Make sure they are secure on your feet and slip-free. Heelsplatforms, slides and flip flops tend to pose more of a risk than shoes that are secure around the foot. Slippers and socks are cautioned against around the house, especially on slick smooth surfaces like hardwood. 

Cut a Rug 

Rugs and carpets have been responsible for thousands of injuries according to a study. Make sure you aren’t falling victim to curled up corners or foot catching edges. Keeping rugs slip-proof and secure can easily be done with tape, velcro, or underside grip. 

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