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9 BBQ Foods That Trigger Vertigo

By June 24, 2020February 23rd, 2021No Comments

Getting the grill fired up this summer season and more outdoor cooking is the highlight of every summer! Cooking summertime classics and family favorites are what summer memories are made of! Make sure that you are there for every moment of summer magic by keeping in mind there may be foods on the picnic table that can agitate and trigger vertigo attacks. Grilling especially can pose drawbacks for those who suffer from Vertigo and many ingredients in summer favorites can provoke unexpected attacks. Safeguard yourself and enjoy the evening without any interruptions from vertigo. Limiting or eliminating known food triggers can help you gain control of your symptoms and spend more time enjoying the sunny summer weather with your family. Our list of foods to watch out for while grilling and picnicking can help you choose what foods to keep off or on your plate and which ones to go back for seconds! 


1) Smoked  Meats

Recent studies conducted have shown that smoked meats can be harmful to our health in general. BBQ may set many taste buds singing for joy but many health experts sing another tune. Smoked meats tend to get contaminated from heat sources and carcinogens that may cause cancer later on. Cooking meats on the grill for long amounts of time raise the risk of dangerous chemicals forming. If you have not experienced vertigo triggers from smoked meat consider lowering the temperature and reduce the time your meat is on the grill to avoid other health complications down the line. 


2) Potato Chips

 It’s no surprise that potato chips are on the list to avoid or reduce, but not for the reasons you think. Those thinly sliced crispy potatoes contain the number one ingredient that can trigger a vertigo attack. Salt. If you suffer from Meineres, increased salt intake can cause you to retain more fluid in your body including your ears. Try reduced sodium chips or change your portion size. Keep in mind recommended salt intake is 1000- 1500 mg or ¾ of a teaspoon.


3) Lemonades and Sodas

Freshly squeezed lemonade makes the summertime that much sweeter! Unfortunately, sugar can be responsible for agitating your vertigo symptoms. Make sure you stay away from overindulging or completely skipping it. Consider making a sugar free version with all the taste without the sugar. Try switching out sugary soda from the cooler and replacing it with sugar-free soda instead. 


4) Cheese

Dairy is rich with vitamin B12 that can keep the brain healthy and aid in avoiding vertigo attacks. Unfortunately, cheese can also be loaded with salt and tyramines that naturally occur in food. Tyramines can cause the dilation of blood vessels triggering a vertigo attack or headache. Avoid age or smoked cheese that contains more tyramines. 


5) Alcohol

 According to the Vestibular Disorder Association alcohol can affect the volume and composition of fluid in the inner ear, which can cause dizziness and imbalance. Alcohol is absorbed into the fluid of the inner ear and stays there, even after it is no longer present in the blood.. Because the inner ear monitors balance, this can cause vertigo along with spatial disorientation. Don’t let a few cocktails or beers ruin an enjoyable evening forcing you to call it a night early. 


6) Caffeine

Maybe you should rethink that cup of coffee after dinner or consider putting that can of soda back in the cooler. Caffeine is a known suspect for wreaking havoc on your vestibular system. Caffeine can “excite” cells within the ear, leaving you feeling dizzy within 12-24 hours after ingesting caffeine and long after the energy boost wears off. If you’re looking for the familiar after-dinner coffee, consider brewing some decaf instead. Looking for some refreshing fizz? Make sure your drink cooler is stocked with caffeine-free sodas or soda water. 


7) Deserts

 Satisfying your sweet tooth can be a challenge especially if you are trying to cut sugar from your diet. Save yourself from a sugary temptation by baking with a sugar replacement. If your tolerance for sugar is more manageable, reducing sugar in recipes can help hit the sweet spot this summer. 


8) Pickled and Fermented Foods

 Sauerkraut and pickle lovers this one is for you. There may be a connection between vertigo attacks and fermented foods as well as pickled. Though it may not be clear how health experts believe it may be the salt content in these foods. Try reducing your portion size. If you feel a clear indicator you may be sensitive to these foods, cut them out of your diet. 


9) Hot Dogs

Processed meats are shown to have negative effects on health. Not to mention they are usually paired with sides and condiments that are loaded with sugars and salts. This combination can make a hot dog all around an unpopular choice for those with vertigo. There are many great alternatives to traditional hotdogs to enjoy and “smart toppings” to explore 


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