Tips for Taking Care of Your Aging Parents

How to Prepare for Your New Role as an Elderly Caregiver Making the decision to be an elderly caregiver is not to be taken lightly. Caring for an aging parent or an elderly loved one is a full-time commitment that … Continue reading

Published date: January 17, 2018

3 Health Tips for Making 2018 the Best Year Ever

3 Health Tips for Making 2018 the Best Year Ever

    Start the New Year Off Right with These Health Tips Celebrating the New Year is like hitting the reset button. You can cut out those bad habits as you try to reach some of those hard-sought goals you’ve … Continue reading

Published date: December 12, 2017

Don’t Let Vertigo Stop Your Summer Fun

How to Make the Most of the End of Summer, Despite Your Vertigo Summer is quickly coming to an end, which means that this is your last chance to plan those awesome trips that you’ve had your eye on. If … Continue reading

Published date: August 22, 2017

4 Myths about Vertigo You Need to Know

Debunking the Most Common Myths of Vertigo Learn the Facts and Avoid These Myths of Vertigo If you or someone you know has experienced something that seems like vertigo, you might run into some less-than-accurate information online. Vertigo can be … Continue reading

Published date: June 1, 2017

vertigo triggers

Avoiding Vertigo Triggers

    Vertigo is a set of symptoms, affecting a person’s equilibrium, that are most likely based on one of several underlying condition, usually in the inner ear, but not always. The symptoms labeled vertigo include dizziness, nausea, inability to … Continue reading

Published date: May 15, 2017

sinus infection and vertigo

How Sinus Infections Can Lead to Vertigo

    Are Your Allergies Making You Dizzy? Everyone experiences colds occasionally and almost everyone suffers from allergies from time to time, especially in the spring and fall. But all of that extra mucus can lead to more than an … Continue reading

Published date: March 22, 2017

vertigo relieving remedies

Spring Plants That Can Help Relieve Vertigo

    Grow All-Natural Vertigo Remedies in Your Backyard As winter fades away, it’s time to start thinking about what kinds of plants you want to grow in your garden for spring. While starting a garden in your backyard can … Continue reading

Published date:

Tips on Getting the Best Cruise Rates

  How to Nail Down the Best Cruise for Less Money Cruises are a great choice when it comes to exploring new countries and parts of the world. You can lay back and relax as the cruise line organizes your … Continue reading

Published date: February 21, 2017

Caring for Someone with Vertigo this Valentine’s Day

  How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day When Caring for Someone with Vertigo If you’re caring for someone with vertigo this Valentine’s Day, you can still enjoy a wonderful evening together if you take a few precautions. Celebrating the holiday all … Continue reading

Published date: February 9, 2017

Are You Experiencing Vertigo After Dental Work?

  What You Need to Know About Vertigo and Dental Procedures Has a trip to the dentist’s office ever triggered an episode of vertigo? While there is no direct medical correlation between dental procedures and vertigo, dozens of patients have … Continue reading

Published date: February 1, 2017

I have Vertigo. Could it be Multiple Sclerosis Vertigo?

  Are Your Vertigo Symptoms Related to MS? Yes, Multiple Sclerosis (MS) can cause vertigo, however, there is no immediate cause for alarm, almost all vertigo is caused by issues with the inner ear, but learning more can help you … Continue reading

Published date: January 28, 2017

meniere's diet

Foods to Help with Labyrinthitis & Meniere’s Disease

    How to Reduce Vertigo Symptoms with Your Diet   If you’re struggling with Meniere’s disease or Labyrinthitis, diet and the foods you eat can either be a part of the problem or a part of the solution. The … Continue reading

Published date: December 27, 2016

Vertigo Treatment With Vitamin B6

  For those who suffer from vertigo and its dizzying array of symptoms, finding a treatment that holds promise is often an ongoing task. There are many claims for treatments that promise, what seems to be magical relief from the … Continue reading

Published date: December 20, 2016

Tips for Caring for Someone with Vertigo

Vertigo is a condition that is characterized by the sensation that you are spinning or that the world around you is spinning. This feeling can last for a few moments, a few hours, or even a few days. In addition … Continue reading

Published date: December 14, 2016

desserts to relieve vertigo

6 Must-Try Healthy Holiday Desserts

The holidays are a time for gathering with family and reflecting on what’s most important in your life. But it’s unfortunately also a time for colds and flus, dry, cracked skin and seasonal weight gain—hooray! So to help you stay … Continue reading

Published date: November 15, 2016

omega's 3 and vertigo

Can A Diet Rich In Omega 3 Help Vertigo Symptoms?

How Omega 3 Can Improve Brain Function and Cognition When we think of vertigo, we don’t normally associate our symptoms with our diet. While changing what you eat won’t cure your vertigo, certain foods and nutrients can help you cope … Continue reading

Published date:

How to Host a Stress-Free Thanksgiving

Best Ways to Reduce Stress During the Holidays As much as we may look forward to the holidays, added stress and anxiety often feel unavoidable. Our guest lists seem to double and the date seems to snea up on us … Continue reading

Published date: November 9, 2016

Types of Vertigo

Vertigo is a symptom, typically caused by an inner ear problem, that is characterized by lightheadedness, dizziness, nausea and feeling off-balance. There are two main types of vertigo and can occur for a number of different reasons but is rarely permanent. … Continue reading

Published date: November 1, 2016

vertigo relief

How To Take Care of Someone Experiencing An Episode Of Vertigo

The Best Ways to Care for Someone That’s Dealing with Vertigo When a person is experiencing an episode of vertigo, it can be difficult to know how or when to help them. As a friend or family member of someone who … Continue reading

Published date: October 19, 2016

tai chi on mountain range

The Benefits of Tai Chi for Adults and Seniors

When you think of tai chi, you might picture groups of people gathered in a park, silently performing a series of slow, rhythmic movements. And you may have wondered what exactly they’re doing and what the benefits of this strange … Continue reading

Published date: September 27, 2016

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