Best Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

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Celebrated on April 22nd, Earth Day is an annual day in which people all over the world honor the gifts that the earth provides, and show support for environmental protection. It’s now celebrated in more than 192 countries.

Not only is Earth Day a chance to think about and protect the planet, but it’s also a great opportunity to get out and enjoy spring. So, what are some ways that you can celebrate Earth Day?

Eat locally-grown food

One of the best ways to show respect to both the earth and the community you live in is by eating local produce. Locally-grown foods have less impact on the environment than those brought in from other cities, states, and countries. Eating more fruits and vegetables is a good choice for your health, of course, too. Pick up some fruits and veggies at your local farmer’s market; most of the food at farmer’s markets is grown within a 50-mile vicinity.

Start a garden or plant a tree

Not only is starting a garden a great way to celebrate Earth Day, but it will give you beautiful flowers (and maybe even fruits and veggies) for years to come. If you don’t have space for a larger garden, consider planting seeds in pots on your balcony or patio. Gardens also provide people, particularly seniors, with a reason to get outside and stay active. Make it a fun event and invite your children or grandchildren over to help.

If you’re feeling ambitious, you can plant a tree. Trees have many benefits including producing oxygen, reducing smog and the amount of greenhouse gases in the air, filtering particulates out of the air, and acting as natural air-conditioners. They even have economic benefits: homes with trees typically sell faster than those without, and are worth 5-15% more. Homes on tree-lined streets may be worth up to 25% more.

Reduce, reuse, and recycle

The easiest way to do this is to simply buy less. Try to buy things without packaging or with recyclable packaging. Carry a cloth bag for purchases instead of using plastic bags. If you do receive plastic bags, use them again. You can also reuse plastic sandwich bags—just rinse them out after use. Try not to use disposable plates or cutlery.

Don’t let vertigo hold you back

Unfortunately, vertigo can prevent you from enjoying the outdoors and doing your part to protect the planet. Symptoms such as dizziness and unsteadiness restrict your activities and even leave you confined at home. DiVertigo is a natural and effective treatment that can help ensure that you’re able to enjoy all the earth has to offer.

Happy Earth Day!


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