Why Vertigo May Be More Common Around the Holidays

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vertigo flare ups around the holidays

It’s that time of the year again. The holidays can be a major ordeal in more ways than one. Travel arrangements, family gatherings, and presents galore don’t always spell holiday cheer. You might find yourself more prone to the symptoms of vertigo around the major holidays. If dizzy spells and throbbing migraines are some of your holiday traditions, find out what’s making your vertigo worse and what you can do to prevent it.

Stress Overload

You’ll probably find your to-do list doubling or even tripling around the holidays. All of that stress can throw your body into a whirlwind of emotions, anxiety and fatigue. Stress has been clinically shown to increase your chances for vertigo symptoms. If you find yourself overdoing it, try to take a minute to relax and take a breath deep. You’ll still have time to do everything fun you want to do, you just might need to simplify and prioritize so that you can lessen your stress and keep on top of everything. Slow and steady wins the race.


Too much alcohol will slow your whole system down. The room begins to spin, you start to feel nauseous, and your sense of balance goes out the window. Sound familiar? Drinking too much stymies the connection between your brain and the rest of your body. If your brain can’t keep up with your body’s pace, any sudden movement can cause a nasty bout of vertigo. Try to go easy on the holiday drinks this year. Moderation will help you avoid those nasty vertigo pitfalls.


You’re cooking too many meals, you’ve had a couple glasses of wine and suddenly your relatives walk through the door. With all of the commotion and endless distractions, you’re probably not drinking as much water as you should be. Staying hydrated is one of your best defenses against vertigo. It keeps your mind clear, alert and in tune with the rest of your body. You can keep those dizzy spells, gnawing migraines, and feelings of nausea at bay by downing a few glasses of water throughout your busy schedule.


You’re probably starting to see a connection between the holidays and your heighten sensitivity to vertigo. A lack of sleep is no exception. Your body needs to be well rested in order to function properly. Overall, stay healthy this holiday season by getting a good night’s sleep, limiting your alcohol intake, drinking plenty of water, and managing your stress levels.

As overwhelming as the holidays can be, they’re also about spending quality time with your family. You shouldn’t be worrying about vertigo when you should be joining in on the festivities. The holidays are supposed to be a vacation after all. If your vertigo is too much to handle this year, using Di-Vertigo will help control your symptoms. Side-effect free, this blend of natural herbs will settle your upset stomach, reduce your migraines and quell those dizzy spells. Start enjoying the holidays again and get the relief you’ve been searching for with Di-Vertigo.


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