Contemporary Dance Classes That Are Good For Your Health

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ID-10046818When the doctor says you need more exercise, your first thought might be to hit the gym or pick up running. What about dancing? Dance is typically categorized as art, but the movements associated with it can be beneficial to your physical and mental health. And if DiVertigo has you feeling good again, you can dance to your heart’s desire. Here are four contemporary dance classes are particularly good for you:


Zumba mixes dance with aerobics to create a fast-paced, hip-swinging fitness program that spread like wildfire in the first decade of the new millennium. Urged on by the sounds of Latin music, like samba, meringue, and mambo, Zumba encourages you to sweat and smile while mastering sultry dance moves.

The benefits of Zumba are felt immediately. The quick moving dance burns calories, builds endurance, and lowers blood pressure. It’s also good for improving overall muscle strength, body posture, and motion, all of which are particularly useful as we age.


Originally from the Punjab region of India, this folk dance has emerged as the latest fitness craze in the West. Both men and woman are encouraged to join, making the arrangements as flirtatious as they are rhythmic.

Bhangra involves an entire body workout, including shaking the head, clapping the hands, moving the belly and stomping the feet. The aerobic benefits are many, such as increasing lung power and heart rate and strengthening leg muscles and buttocks. However the biggest boost is in the psychological benefits, like decreased stress and increased happiness, due to the communal nature of this beautiful dance.

Hip Hop

Hip hop dance often gets a bad rap, but the truth is that this modern dance style is highly engaging and effective at improving your health. The street dance style follows fast rhythmic beats and entails quick body motions like jerking, breaking, locking, and popping.

Because hip hop dance moves often originate from your core, it is great for toning your abdominal muscles and boosting your metabolism. The fast pace gets your blood flowing and heart muscles pumping and the quick changes between positions increase your stamina. When performed over a prolonged period, hip hop dancing is an excellent fitness routine.

Contemporary Ballet

Every little girl dreams of becoming a ballerina and now is your chance to fulfill that dream while improving your health in the process. Contemporary ballet combines elements of classical ballet and modern dance, offering a much wider range of movements and techniques than the traditional version.

Ballet’s choreography is much slower and requires more patience than the other dances listed here, but its health benefits are clear. The gentle sequence in movement increases focus and concentration while simultaneously decreasing stress. Learning new postures and positions builds self-confidence and performing them in sync with other dancers creates healthy emotional bonds.

shutterstock_61203121When you start new pursuits like dance, you want to feel good and without worry of dizziness. If you have feelings of vertigo frequently, you can apply DiVertigo, a blend of natural herbal oils to relieve symptoms and feel like yourself again. A simple dab of the product on the head behind each ear relieves vertigo symptoms fast and gets you back on the ballet stage, or any stage, in a jiffy. Your health is important – let dance and DiVertigo help!

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