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Vintage Gadgets Grandkids will Love 

By January 23, 2020February 23rd, 2021No Comments

As grandparents, we are a trove of knowledge and experiences that we get to share with our grandkids. We share our stories and photos with younger generations to give them a glimpse into the past, to show them that we are not so different, though the world we live in is in constant change. Just like them, we anticipated the release of new gadgets, tech, and beauty products. Spend an afternoon revisiting the past with the kids and make some memorable moments that will long outlast Instagram. 


1. Cassettes 


Not that long ago cassettes ruled supreme even co-existing with the CD. These fun recordings hold up well to damage from tinkering and curiosity. Consider pulling out a dual cassette player and showing the grandkids how to record songs off the airwaves or recording themselves singing, reading or conducting an interview. Try decorating the cassette and case, filling out the tracks and artists. 


Why it Beats Tech 

Sure the grandkids can record any bit off their phones only for it to be stored on the cloud but there is something about physical media in hand that gives us a sense of endearing ownership. 


2. Walkie Talkies 

Cell phones can’t compete with the adventurous feeling that walkie talkies give us. A pair is great but adding more walkies on the same channel is even better! 


Why it Beats Tech 

Teach the kids the lingo of the radiowaves and giving each walkie talkie holder a name will make for a fun day. It’s the ultimate family call that you can justify saying “Do you copy Fox Trot? Over”  


3. Film Carousel 

Do you remember the days having friends over to share your photos of your trip to Mexico? It was the original Facebook. The fascination your friends had admiring you on the beach will no less resonate with the grandkids. 


Why it Beats Tech 

Seeing grandpa with dark hair and swim trunks on the beach will no doubt give the grandkids a laugh but they will really love the large projection on the wall and the miniature photos on the slides. Let the kids take the remote and trigger the slide change. 


4. Class Projectors 

These mammoths might be difficult to haul on top of a table but they are nonetheless a great creative outlet that modern tech can’t offer. 


Why it Beats Tech 

The bigger than life projection will be an afternoon filled with a slew of activities. Drawings, shadow puppets, and spotlight talent shows. Find some transparent sheets to allow the kids to create multiple drawings. Don’t forget to keep the slide on when cleaning the marker off for a fun watercolor project. 


5. Hot Curler Set

Bring the beauty secret forgotten by the ages back to life and treat the grandkids to a silly experience. Plug in this relic and flip through google images to show off the fantastic styles this invention was responsible for. No doubt the kids will feel retro glam in no time. 


Why it Beats Tech

Whether you only have one grandchild or many curious heads everyone will be up to the chance of having their hair entwined in a hot velvet roller and pinned securely to their heads! Don’t forget the silk scarf to protect those cooling curls while picking out the day’s outfit! 


6. Typewriter 

Half printing press half laptop a typewriter will excite kids beyond measure. There’s nothing quite like the feel and sound of a typewriter striking paper. Make sure you have a good amount of paper, this activity will be an all-day activity.  


Why it Beats Tech 

Don’t be shy to show the kids the mechanics under the hood. Let their hands get inky with a good old ribbon change. Let them have a whack at typing a letter and show them how tricky it was to correct mistakes with whiteout. 


7. Rotary Phone 

If there was ever the art of dialing a number then it was embodied by the rotary phone. Whether the one you have in the attic is glamorized pomp or standard office version the kids will love seeing this relic at work. 


Why it Beats Tech

If you still have a landline try hooking it up and letting the kids call their friends or folks in their best “old-timey” voice. Try having contests on who can dial the fastest, no doubt fingers will be tired by the end of it!