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Traveling Safely with Vertigo

By November 6, 2019February 23rd, 2021No Comments

The holidays are in full swing and along with the season comes holiday travel. Whether you are traveling to your favorite port of call to embark on your holiday cruise or flying to visit family, it’s important to remember to stay safe while are in transit to your destination. We know how important it is to travel comfortably and arrive feeling ready to enjoy the next adventure so we asked season and experienced travelers tips that have helped them enjoy traveling again with vertigo.


1) Call ahead for wheelchair service

If you fatigue easily consider calling the airline and request wheelchair service. Some airlines and airports will take you directly to the gate or luggage claim when you have reached your destination.


2) Pre-medicate

Before even stepping on an airplane make sure you have prepared yourself for the journey by pre-medicating your self and have quick access to any other assistive remedies or prescriptions. Make sure to speak to your doctor about your state of well being before embarking on long trips.


3) Points of contact

If at any moment you feel a vertigo attack while sitting, check in with your breathing. Begin to focus on the points of contact you are making with your chair. Where your legs meet with the seat, where your arms touch the armrest. Try lightly holding the armrest for an extra point of contact.


4) Check-in with your breathing

In the event of suffering through an untimely vertigo attack, seat yourself as soon as possible, close your eyes or find a visual focal point (whichever you prefer of the two) Check-in with your breathing by slowing your breath to a relaxed pace and take slightly than normal deep breaths with slower than normal exhales. Continue this breathing exercise until you feel your self regain your sense of balance.


5) Limit Head Movements

For most causes of Vertigo, holding your head still and level will keep you steady on your feet. Remember to plan ahead and take your time while moving around the airport. Slowing down and allowing yourself the time to get from point A to B is key to keeping yourself and your head steady.


6) Focal Points

Finding a visual focal point to help steady yourself has helped many travelers with vertigo reach their destination with minimal balance disruptions. This trick, paired with a breathing exercise is optimal.