4 All-Natural Tips for Vertigo Sufferers

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shutterstock_1200823Everyone has heard the word vertigo we’ve seen people suffering from it, and we’ve even seen it in the movies. But few people understand the science behind it? Vertigo is not simply the feeling of being dizzy or nauseous. Vertigo is a term that describes physical symptoms present due to multiple multi-sensory and sensory motor problems. Vertigo is a condition that has multiple causes and manifestations, and it is one that scientists are continuing to work to understand.

Nearly all vertigo sufferers experience the same spinning sensations, nausea and loss of balance. People who suffer from vertigo feel that their world or environment is moving and spinning, although there is no actual movement. Vertigo happens to people because of a disturbance in several different parts of their body the balance organs in the inner ear, the parts of the brain that perceive movement, or the sensory nerve pathways.

Vertigo that results from a problem in the inner ear is called peripheral vertigo. The inner ear is essential in helping us keep balance because it has tiny organs inside of it that respond to gravity and send messages to the brain about how we are oriented in the world. When this system is disturbed due to injury, inflammation, or any other problem our brain gets incorrect information about whether we are moving or not, and it makes us feel dizzy. Some people suffer from what is called benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, BPPV, which is caused by a disturbance to the calcium crystals in the inner ear that send positional information to the brain.

Central vertigo is what vertigo due to a disturbance in the brain is called. Central vertigo can be caused by a problem with the part of the brain that control the interaction between your senses and vision/balance the brainstem and the cerebellum, or it can be caused by disruptions in the sensory messages being sent to the thalamus. Migraines are one example of cause for central vertigo.

If you suffer from vertigo, you should know you’re not alone and you’re not out of luck. First thing you should do is visit your doctor. It’s very important to find out the cause of your vertigo symptoms. Most causes are not serious, but it’s very important to have a doctor check you out. In addition to advice from your doctor there are many medical and natural ways to alleviate vertigo symptoms, and one of the most effective and convenient is DiVertigo. DiVertigo is a an all-natural, concentrated herbal formula that is applied to the head behind each ear – within 5 minutes, it helps to calm the symptoms of vertigo. If you suffer from vertigo, it is really convenient to carry around the small bottle of DiVertigo so you can use it whenever you feel a bout of vertigo about to start. Peace of mind and the ability to live your normal life are so important.


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