Vomiting from vertigo

Vomiting from vertigo


Were you out enjoying your day when all of sudden you became dizzy and had a bout of vomiting?

This unanticipated vomiting could be the result of vertigo.


How does vertigo lead to vomiting?

Vertigo occurs because disturbances in the inner ear, such as inflammation or allergies, trigger misaligned signals between the ears, eyes, and brain. This creates a spatial and positional imbalance, leading to dizziness and nausea, which in turn culminate in vomiting. In many ways, vomiting is the final symptom of a bad battle with vertigo.


Are there natural ways to stop vomiting due to vertigo?

Fortunately there are many ways to avoid vomiting with natural remedies, but it all depends on the primary cause. To make this determination, first visit your doctor to find out if vertigo is the reason for your vomiting. If it is, then follow your doctor’s instructions. In addition, try all-natural DiVertigo. It is an easy-to-use herbal oil blend for topical use that offers fast and effective relief from vertigo symptoms, including vomiting. Because of the all-natural ingredients, there are no side effects to using DiVertigo.


What is the benefit of quick relief?

Not only is vomiting an extremely uncomfortable feeling, it can also lead to other health problems. In some cases of excessive vomiting, individuals have been diagnosed with dehydration. Therefore, it is best of avoid vomiting at all costs or be prepared with natural herbal remedies like DiVertigo when vertigo begins to occur. DiVertigo works in as little as 3 minutes so you can find quick calming relief when symptoms surprise you. Due to its compact size, you can bring DiVertigo with you anywhere you go so you can be out enjoying your day without any worry!

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