Nausea from vertigo

Nausea from vertigo


Have you ever felt nausea at the same time as a loss of balance, spinning sensation, and a sense of dizziness?

You might be experiencing vertigo.


How does vertigo lead to nausea?

Vertigo can occur when there is a disturbance in the inner ear. Inflammation, allergies, or similar issues can cause irritation in the ear, so the ear senses one thing, but the eyes and body tell the brain something else, leading to an imbalance in spatial relations. This causes a person to experience dizziness and spinning, which in turn leads to an upset stomach and nausea.


Are there natural methods for treating nausea?

Yes, there are many ways to treat nausea with natural remedies, but it all depends on the cause of the nausea. You should first visit your doctor to find out the cause of your nausea.  If vertigo is the primary cause of nausea, follow the directions from your doctor. You can also use DiVertigo, a fantastic natural way to calm the inner ear and quickly relieve associated vertigo symptoms like nausea and dizziness.


Is it possible to prevent the nausea from happening?

Not everyone who experiences vertigo, experiences nausea at the same time, but if you are one of those unlucky people, follow direction from your doctor first. Then keep a bottle of DiVertigo handy. It works in as little as 3-5 minutes to quickly calm symptoms. For example, if you are at work or the shopping mall, you don’t have to stress, nausea relief is just minutes away. You can even apply a little DiVertigo preventatively, just before you go somewhere important, if you want to make sure you’ll be feeling good the whole time.

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