Headaches and Vertigo

Headaches and Vertigo


Do you get dizzy when you get a migraine?

Your migraine may be causing vertigo symptoms.


Why would a headache cause vertigo?

Strong headaches, especially migraines, can sometimes result in the onset of vertigo symptoms. Because headaches create disturbances within the inner ear, the area where interaction occurs between the senses of balance and vision, they can induce vertigo and its symptoms, such as dizziness and nausea.


Are there natural methods for preventing this type of vertigo?

Yes, but first you need to address the migraine. It is important to see your doctor to determine the right course or action and find a proper solution.

If your headaches are triggering vertigo symptoms and making life more difficult, follow your doctor’s advice. It is important to get rid of your migraines if at all possible. In the meantime, you can also try DiVertigo which provides a great natural solution to relieve the vertigo and spinning sensation that sometimes accompany your headache. This herbal oil blend can be dabbed on your head behind each ear and offers fast and effective relief from vertigo symptoms.


Will DiVertigo make my headaches go away?

DiVertigo is designed to reduce the symptoms of vertigo. So, while it isn’t designed to relieve your headache, it can be very helpful at relieving any dizziness associated with it. And you don’t have to take any pills. DiVertigo is an all natural, topically applied solution. It comes in a small, portable bottle so you can carry it with you in case your migraines strike unexpectedly. Since there are no side effects, you can use the herbal oil solution whenever and wherever you need it.

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