Do I Have Vertigo?

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If you are suffering from dizziness, balance issues or have episodes where you feel a spinning sensation, you may have what is called vertigo. If you are experiencing these kinds of symptoms you should see your healthcare provider. Vertigo can be a symptom of dehydration, allergies, migraines or something more serious. It is definitely worth talking to your doctor to find out what is causing the sensations.

Understanding Vertigo

Vertigo can affect anyone of any age or gender at anytime, although it is most often seen in older adults (over age 50). Those suffering from vertigo will likely feel movement when there is none. If you’ve had a sense that the floor or room was moving, but you are completely still, and this feeling comes on more than once, you may have vertigo.

If you have vertigo, you will likely feel these types of sensations:

  • Spinning

  • Titling

  • Falling

  • Whirling

  • Nausea

  • Vomiting

  • Inability to walk or stand


Don’t worry. Your doctor can help you. There are various types of testing that can be done for someone who has vertigo symptoms. The type of vertigo sypmtoms you have will determine what type of tests your doctor administers. Your doctor will know the best tests to administer to determine the root cause of your vertigo.

If you experience these feelings from vertigo on an ongoing basis, try all-natural DiVertigo to help calm and relieve everyday vertigo symptoms. You’ll find relief in less than 5 minutes after applying, without any side effects.


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