Natural Remedies for Vertigo Symptoms

Get fast relief from vertigo with DiVertigo! Whether you have BBPV, Meniere’s Disease, Labyrinthitis, a vestibular disorder or a balance disorder, DiVertigo can help. Keep the small vial of DiVertigo handy in your pocket or purse and simply put a drop behind your ear when dizziness starts. You’ll get relief in under 5 minutes!

Why Choose DiVertigo?

   ✔ DiVertigo is an all-natural remedy
   ✔ DiVertigo is doctor-recommended
   ✔ Can be taken even after symptoms appear
   ✔ Works within 3 to 5 minutes
   ✔ Used by Children & Adults
   ✔ No pills
   ✔ No side effects
   ✔ No prescription required

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DiVertigo Works

Woman, age 45-54

[My husband] used DiVertigo & within 10 minutes he stood up without dizziness & took the 1st steps he’d taken in 2 months.

Lori W, CA

I was at my daughter's dance competition and one of her teammates became very nauseous, so I gave her DiVertigo. She was able to compete in the dance and they actually won 1st Place. I won't live without it.

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