Spinning from vertigo

Spinning from vertigo


The world is rapidly twirling around you, but you’re not in motion. You feel completely off balance, but you’re not doing anything out of the ordinary.

If this spinning sensation is happening, it may be that you are experiencing vertigo symptoms.


What do you do?

When experiencing spinning, it is common to temporarily encounter difficulty focusing the eyes, slurred speech, and weakness in the limbs. The last thing you need is run into something or trip. The second you notice the symptoms, find a place to sit still or lie down so you can ride it out.


How does vertigo lead to spinning?

Vertigo begins when your inner ear sends inconsistent signals to the brain, leading to an imbalance in spatial relations. It wrecks your visual cues and makes it feel like the world is moving around you uncontrollably. This spinning is a common symptom of vertigo and is often described as more severe than dizziness.

This spinning sensation is especially common in older adults who are more prone to vertigo symptoms, particularly  if they are caused by benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV). In this case, tiny calcium crystals in the inner ear break off and travel into the semicircular canals where they brush hairs that trigger nerves, sending tons of confusing messages to the brain. This can occur with the slightest rotation of the body, even when you’re rotating within bed.


Are there natural ways to make spinning go away?

Yes, there are many ways to treat spinning with natural remedies and it all depends on the primary cause. Visit your primary physician to determine this cause. If vertigo is the reason for your spinning, listen to the doctor’s advice. You can also try DiVertigo, a fast-acting natural remedy that offers calming relief from vertigo symptoms in mere minutes. Because of its external application and natural ingredients, there are no side effects and it is safe to use for older adults too.


How does one prepare for unanticipated spinning?

Knowledge is power and knowing the root cause of your health problem is always the best way to prepare for the unexpected. If you have experienced spinning from vertigo in the past, then check out the DiVertigo website for useful information on how to understand and overcome vertigo. In addition, you can prepare for spells of spinning by carrying DiVertigo with you at all times – it’s small and fits easily in your travel bag or purse!

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