4 Easter Traditions You Can Enjoy with the Entire Family

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Easter is a holiday of rebirth and rejuvenation—the weather warms, flowers bloom, and Spring fever is alive and well. It’s the time of year when everyone feels refreshed and excited to participate in family activities.

Of course, children love the holiday. To them, the Easter Bunny holds nearly as much magic and wonder as Santa Claus. As a culture, we’ve created a number of traditions that—like the Easter Bunny—cater to the imagination of both children and adults.

Here’s a list of fun Easter traditions that the whole family can enjoy. So, in the spirit of the Easter Bunny, hop to it!

Decorating eggs: Perhaps the most quintessential Easter activity is dying and decorating Easter eggs.

This tradition dates back to the earliest days of Christianity, when people dyed eggs red to represent the rebirth of Christ. These days, however, the activity has taken on a less denominational significance—an arts and crafts opportunity that children, adults and grandparents can enjoy.

All you need is a couple hard-boiled eggs and an egg-coloring kit. Paas brand kits are, by far, the most popular, and they include the wire dipper that prevents dye from getting on your fingers. Finished eggs can be used to decorate Easter baskets, used for egg hunts, or eaten.

Cooking: Most holidays provide great opportunities for the family to get together in the kitchen, and Easter is no different.

For example, nothing quite livens up a kitchen like baking cookies. Sugar cookies have simple enough recipes that children can help out, and the dough can be cut into festive shapes like bunnies, eggs or ducks. Decorating them with multi-colored sprinkles, frosting and other adornments is fun Easter tradition and enables creativity for in all ages.

Easter egg hunt: What Easter would be complete without the classic Easter egg hunt?

There’s really no wrong way to set up an Easter egg hunt—some people hide large plastic eggs with candy and prizes inside; others hide real, decorated eggs which can be redeemed for prizes at the end of the game. This tradition lives on because children are natural adventurers, and discovering a hidden egg is akin to finding buried treasure. Adults and grandparents also get to have fun by coming up with creative hiding spots for the eggs. And the satisfaction of watching kids uncover these treats is like no other.

Assemble Easter baskets: Just like decorating eggs, the history of Easter baskets dates back hundreds of years, when baskets of young seedlings were assembled as symbols of new life and fertility. Today, baskets are often filled with candy, toys and other treats.

One thing to remember—especially when assembling baskets for kids—is that it’s possible to overdo it with the candy. Instead of overloading an Easter basket with sweets, provide some healthy alternatives. Carrots may not be every child’s favorite, but if they believe that it’s the Easter Bunny’s favorite snack, maybe they’ll be more willing to eat them.


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