7 Low Vision Devices—Making Life Easier

Posted on by Carey Daniels


As we age, sometimes our vision goes. For some people it is a minor loss, for others a subtle loss could gradually transition overtime to a point where they are legally blind. Here are a few products that are great resources whether you have mild vision lost or more severe:

talkingwatchTalking Watches (and alarm clocks) – Yep. It turns out you don’t even have to be able to see your watch to know what time it is, although these talking watches typically have the added benefit of large numbers on the face as well. The easy part is that you simply push the button on the side and the watch will tell you what time it is. Some watches will even let you choose a male or female voice or tell you the time on the hour.
afdesktopDesktop Magnifier – This beauty is great for reading your mail or almost any printed material you would normally sit down to read. The Desktop Magnifier simply videos whatever you put on the surface below the camera and magnifies it on the screen for easier viewing. For small print items like receipts and phone books, this can be the perfect solution.
imarketcityphonePhoto phone – This phone not only has large high contrast number buttons and several speed dial options, but you can add photos of the most frequently called persons to large buttons for an even more convenient way to call someone quickly.
keysuseeLarge Print Keyboard – For those that tend to use the hunt and peck method of typing or ever need to look at the keyboard to find a key, this kind of keyboard is really helpful. It features high contrast keys and letters that are 275% their normal size.
afmagnifierPortable Video Magnifier – This magnifier is very similar to the desktop magnifier using video technology for magnification, except this device is smaller and therefore particularly useful on the go. Typically you will get a few hours of rechargeable use, allowing you to use this device for menus, food labels at the grocery store, or any other reading you might need to do while out of the house.
microsoft-mouseMicrosoft Mouse – Microsoft makes several mice which have built in accessibility functions. These mice have a button designated to provide on-demand screen magnification. The button has two modes. One allows full screen magnification and the other takes a portion of the screen and magnifies it in are resizable window. You can even toggle between the two modes, if you want.
sepocketmagnifierPocket Magnifier – Magnifying glasses have been around a long time are a low tech compared to many of these other devices, but they are easily accessible for reading when your eye sight starts to wan. The pocket magnifiers are small, easy to carry around, and just the right size to be convenient. You just have to remember to wear shirts or pants with pockets, if you want to have one on you at all times.


We hope some of these devices will help make life a little easier for you. Life is a lot more fun when you can see clearly!


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