Is Natural Vertigo Relief an Option?

Posted on by Carey Daniels


Have you had vertigo symptoms for awhile? You want relief, but you’re concerned with some of the side effects of medications like drowsiness, dry mouth, light-headedness, or headache?

What should you do?

It’s important to first find out more about what’s causing your vertigo and then find out what options you have for relieving the symptoms.

Thankfully, vertigo symptoms are typically not caused by a serious condition. However, it is always important to find the root cause. Diagnosis can be as simple as allergies or dehydration, but you’ll still want to get help from your doctor. You may have something more long term or acute like Meniere’s or Labrythitis, where early diagnosis can help your condition from worsening quickly, so it is very important to talk to your doctor. We recommend, if you have vertigo symptoms like dizziness, spinning sensation, nausea, and equilibrium issues to always talk to your doctor.

When you find out the cause of your vertigo, the doctor may give you exercises to do to help or prescribe medications. These can be very helpful and any medications that help you get healthier are essential. However, if you are worried about side effects of medications that simply relieve symptoms, especially for long term use, natural supplements can a perfect additional tool to help relieve those every day symptoms without the side effects. Hooray!

For instance, DiVertigo is an all-natural formula of essential oils that is applied topically, so no pills are necessary (really great if you are feeling sick to your stomach). You simply put one or two drops on the head behind each ear. In less than five minutes, the oils help calm the inner ear and relieve the symptoms that cause you to feel that sensation of vertigo. DiVertigo does not treat any health issues, but it is a great resource for relieving symptoms quickly, without side effects. Learn more from those who have tried it [Customer Reviews].

For today and every day hereafter, we hope you are feeling good! Live happy.


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