More Ways to Stay Connected with Family

Posted on by Carey Daniels


Sadly, there comes a time for most of us when some family members move far away. It leaves us wondering just how we are going to retain those close relationships. Phone, email and text, can only go so far. Below are four additional ways to stay in touch with those you love.

Video Conferencing
When you don’t livConnectede very close, but you want to feel like you do, video conferencing can be a great solution. It’s a wonderful way for grandparents to see the grandkids or for a recently moved sibling to give a virtual tour of their new home. All you need for video conferencing is a computer or mobile device with a web camera. Talking with video conferencing doesn’t have to cost a lot of money either. Apple devices come with FaceTime, Skype is available for the computer and mobile devices and Google Hangouts also works well. All three of these options are FREE to use over the internet and perfect for adding a little dimension to our conversations. Just keep in mind for video conferencing you’ll want a decent web cam, microphones for both callers and high speed internet to ensure the visuals come over clearly.

Blogs & Newsletters
Perhaps you are one of those families that has a hard time coordinating your schedules. A family blog or email newsletter, where everyone contributes, is a great way to keep on top of each other’s most recent adventures and gives you the feeling you are still in the loop. And here’s an extra hint for you: Including lots of pictures can make every blog post or newsletter entry all that more interesting for everyone.

New & Old Media
More and more people of all ages are getting on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to find out what is going on with family and friends. Now 65 year old Aunt Karen knows when her great grand niece is about to graduate and even what she wore to prom. But, before you become a dedicated social media junkie, you might also want to consider some time tested older methods of communication like a simple greeting card or a printed photo. There’s nothing like a piece of mail with a beautiful photo and a personal note in the mail to bring a smile to someone’s face.

Planning Ahead
One of the best ways to stay in touch is to plan for it. Adding family birthdays to the calendar, planning on an annual girls trip for Mother’s day or even scheduling regular reunions ahead of time can make getting together a priority that doesn’t get lost in our busy lives. We all know there is no substitute for quality face-to-face time.

No matter which forms of communication work best for you, the one thing that remains constant is that someone has to take initiative to keep the communication going. At DiVertigo, we also value family time and here’s a quick reminder that today is a good time to reach out to someone you love.


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