Top 7 Walk Up Summit Hikes in the US

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shutterstock_45431341As spring approaches and snow melts, mountain peaks across the nation become accessible to hikers of all ages. In fact, there are excellent summit hikes that can be reached with an easy walk up, no matter what your age.










shutterstock_70442059Even seniors and other individuals who experience vertigo can make their way to the top with the help of all-natural DiVertigo. Within 5 minutes of dabbing a few drops on the head behind the ears, vertigo symptoms are alleviated and the outdoor adventure can begin without any worries! Ready to begin your summit walk? Try one of these 10 easy choices:

Walk Up Hike #1 – Lookout Peak, Kings Canyon National Park, California

Nestled in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Lookout Peak offers several easy walking hikes. Big Meadows Road is located in the Sequoia National Forest and is a relatively easy short hike. For a longer hike, try using the Don Cecil Trail from Cedar Grove. This trail is seven miles long and shows off water falls along Sheep Creek along the way.


Walk Up Hike #2 – Hallett Peak, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

An easy 4.2 mile hike, the walk to Hallett Peak can be accomplished by almost anyone. Stop along the way to enjoy spectacular vistas of Longs Peak, valleys carved out by ancient glaciers and deep green forests. Located on the Continental Divide, arriving at Hallett Peak is a unique experience for hikers. This hike is also extremely high, so take your time and be careful of altitude sickness.


ID-100207385Walk Up Hike #3 – Stone Mountain Park, Stone Mountain, Georgia

An easy one mile hike, Stone Mountain is located in North Georgia, within a short drive from Atlanta. Enjoy the surrounding mountain pine forest as you walk up this short hike and get lunch from the snack bar at the summit. On clear days free of mountain clouds, you can see to downtown Atlanta or gaze northward into the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Tennessee. After your hike, take the Summit Skyride back down for a quick walk to Confederate Hall.



Walk Up Hike #4 – Avalanche Peak, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Often not experiencing summer weather until mid-July, Avalanche Peak provides a beautiful walk through a conifer forest of fir and spruce trees. Curious elk and deer may be visitors along the way and when you arrive at the alpine basin, you can sit and look at breathtaking views of Yellowstone Lake for hours.


ID-100196099Walk Up Hike #5 – Mount Scott, Crater Lake National Park, Oregon

This walking hike is moderately strenuous and is approximately 2.5 miles long. When you reach the summit, you can take in magnificent views of Mount Shasta in California and the Three Sisters and Mount Thielson in Oregon. While Crater Lake National Park may not be open until mid-July because of snow, this alpine trail offers one of the most beautiful opportunities to see mountain flowers and one of the deepest blue caldera lakes in the United States.

Walk Up Hike #6 – Stag Brook Falls, Lake Placid, Wilmington, New York

If you are looking for an easy walking trail, Stag Brook Falls offers a one to two hour hike that even the most out of shape hiker can conquer. Located off the parking lot of the Whiteface Mountain Ski Center, the Stag Brook Falls trail is easy to follow and an enjoyable afternoon walk. Take in numerous water falls and cascades and even chances to take a swimming adventure in inviting mountain pools and streams. Make sure to pack a lunch, since there are picnic benches. The trail includes easy to identify nature signs and trail highlights.


ID-100153834Walk Up Hike #7 – Stoney Man, Shenandoah National Park, Virginia

The hike to Stoney Mountain is less than two miles long and is an easy hike. The hike is easily accessible from mile marker 39 on Skyline Drive in the park. When you reach the summit, be prepared for wonderful unobstructed views of the deep green ridges of the Appalachian Mountains. The hike to Stoney Man is especially gorgeous in June, when the Mountain Laurel is showing off its beautiful blooms.

Don’t let vertigo stop you from enjoying so many incredible and easy walking hikes available in the United States. Pack a bottle of DiVertigo and you will be able to take on high mountain peaks and enjoy precious landscape views in no time!

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