On Mother’s Day, What Do You Give The Mom Who Has Everything?

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shutterstock_70931032Shoes, purses, jewelry, clothes – after years and decades of celebrating Mother’s Day (along with all the other birthdays and holidays), it often feels like mom has it all. So what do you give the mom who has everything? Time.

The best way to give mom the family time she craves is to send her on a girls’ getaway. It can be multi-generational too, with grandmother, mother and daughter all going someplace together without the distractions of everyday life.

Some people worry about giving the gift of a girls’ getaway when a mother or grandmother (or both) suffer from vertigo. There might be hesitation to go too far from the comfort of home. However, with all-natural Di-Vertigo, mom and grandma can relieve vertigo symptoms, without side effects, and start enjoying a girls’ getaway in just minutes!

Daytrip Girls Getaways

A girls’ getaway doesn’t have to be far from home, nor does ID-100132363it have to be a week-long journey. Sometimes it’s the small things that count and a local day trip away from the hustle and bustle of her ordinary routine can feel like a completely new world.

Do a day trip to the local salon and spa with a package deal that includes things like manicure and pedicure, exfoliating facial, full-body massage, aromatherapy treatment, paraffin dip, dry sauna or steam room. All the pampering and beautification will make your mother feel relaxed and renewed.

Another local girls’ getaway is dinner and a movie. So many moms spend their nights cooking meals, cleaning dishes and scrubbing the kitchen, rarely getting a night off. Now it’s her turn to get served by someone else. Take mom to the top restaurant in town, catch a new movie, and see how happy she is when you return home.



Weekend Girls’ Getaways

Mother’s Day is always on a Sunday in May, making it the perfect time of year to take a weekend trip. Whether it’s a one-night stayover or a longer trip to a far away destination, a weekend girls’ getaway is the perfect way to rejuvenate mom and create memories that last a lifetime for everyone.

The beach is an excellent way to spend a long weekend with mom and grandma, especially because everyone can participate in the event. The weather is warm in May, the beaches aren’t too crowded yet, and the absence of activities means plenty of time to catch up on life and talk about family.

Another great weekend getaway is to a countryside retreat where quaint inns, horseback riding and picturesque scenery are the norm. The slow pace of life is refreshing and the natural setting is a great place to see wildflowers in bloom. Try locations like the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee or the southern mountains of Oregon.

An alternative girls’ getaway is a long weekend in the city, like New York City, Chicago or San Francisco. This vacation is much more active and engaging, which might be tiresome for some people, but exciting for others. Mom can go shopping, grandma can catch a show, and you can enjoy it all in the company of your two favorite ladies.

DivertigoBoxMockNo matter which option you choose, your mother and grandmother are sure to be ecstatic about spending quality time with family this Mother’s Day. And if they suffer from vertigo, add the gift of Di-Vertigo as an extra little surprise on the side. They’ll be excited about the girls’ getaway and equally excited to know that vertigo won’t be a showstopper anymore! You can buy Di-Vertigo online at or visit your local retail store, including CVS, Walmart, Harris Teeter or Meijer.


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