5 Vertigo Inducing Jobs

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shutterstock_108620336A nagging boss, bad sequence of meetings, or document pile-up can definitely lead to ‘a case of the Mondays’. The only thing worse could be enduring this workplace stress along with a bout of vertigo. Having a small bottle of DiVertigo or other all-natural remedy at your office desk can certainly help prevent that from happening.

Still, if you think that’s tough, wait until you see these 5 vertigo-inducing jobs. Your Monday sure won’t look so crazy anymore.



ID-100426211. Skyscraper Window Washer

It takes a small team of window washers approximately 3 months to clean the entire façade of the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building located in Dubai. Of course, once all the windows have been washed, they have to start all over again. With a top height of 2,722 feet and only a rope and carabineer holding someone from falling to the ground, this is definitely not a job for someone with vertigo! Even the beautiful views from the top are not enough to convince.


ID-1001678142. Arborist

You probably remember climbing small trees when you were a kid. Well an arborist continues that childhood excitement by studying, cultivating, and managing trees for a living, except these trees can often be over a hundred feet high. Using spiked shoes and ropes, arborists climb up massive tree trunks to inspect problems and remove diseased sections as a standard part of the job. Even if you love nature, a fear of vertigo will keep you grounded for this one.


ID-10078333. Windmill Maintenance Technician

Some people support keeping the environment clean, other people make it happen. Those giant windmills that dot the landscape and produce clean wind power require a helping hand from maintenance technicians who ensure they’re working properly. That means climbing up to the top of these structures, often 100 to 150 feet high, and getting to work on a small platform high above some of the world’s windiest spots. Anyone with vertigo would be wise to avoid and let the professionals do it all.





ID-100363454. Rock Climbing Photographer

Those amazing professional photos and videos of people rock climbing in the middle of nowhere are spectacular, until you realize that someone was actually there capturing them. Taking photos is cool; being suspended on a rope with a sheer cliff drop is not so much, especially if you experience vertigo. This is definitely a job for someone with rock climbing experience, no fear of heights, and a love for adventure!






5. Ironworker

Remember that iconic black-and-white photograph of men at lunch while working on New York City’s Rockefeller building? They were ironworkers. Of course, not all ironworkers engage in multi-storied projects, but many do work on bridges, skyscrapers and stadiums that soar high above the ground. Loading, setting and fastening large metal beams with nothing below you is a definite deal-breaker for someone who experiences vertigo.

Just thinking about these 5 jobs probably induced vertigo symptoms. While it’s great that there are people brave enough to do these jobs, it’s probably good that you don’t have to do it.

If you’re experiencing vertigo during work, visit your doctor to get more information about the cause and try DiVertigo. This all-natural herbal remedy can alleviate vertigo symptoms in less than 5 minutes and all it takes is a few dabs on your head behind the ears. A small bottle can easily fit inside your desk drawer or purse. You can find it in your local CVS or Walmart or by visiting

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