Your Next Workout Challenge: Running Up Skyscrapers

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ID-1002694Is walking up and down the stairs a big deal for you since you’ve experienced vertigo? That makes sprinting up the stairs of a skyscraper is practically unthinkable. For a select few people, however, this is the next great workout after Ironman triathlons and ultra-marathons. Are you up for the challenge?



ID-10094913Tower Running

Yes, there is an official name for this sport and it’s called tower running. The concept is as simple as it sounds. You run up the stairs of a huge manmade building, starting from the ground level and eventually reaching the top flight of stairs.

How this sport actually began is anybody’s guess, but its popularity has grown in recent years due to the continual building of tall towers. Even without the fanfare and scenic views, tower running has attracted more and more participants who stretch their limits with rapid skyward movements. It’s become such a hit that there is even a point system that tracks the winners and ranks the top runners.

Who Does This?

You may want to reserve any judgment because the ranks of tower runners are not full of crazy people. Actually, there are plenty of famous athletes who consider tower running, or stair climbing, a valuable workout and many use it to cross-train for other sports. Australian professional racing cyclist Paul Crake has won many tower running events and American elite runner Kristin Frey has participated in numerous events as well.

Official Races

Today there are over 200 tower running events held throughout the world, including over 100 in North America. Locations range from the stunning Taipei 101 in Taipei, Taiwan to the pointy CN Tower in Toronto, Canada. Here are a few of the most famous races:


ID-100214816Empire State Building Run-Up – Seen as the King (Kong) of all tower running events, this New York-based climb has been hosted for over 30 years. The fastest runners can complete the 86-story event in just 10 minutes!





ID-10062693Skyrise Chicago Tower Up – The Willis Tower in Chicago boasts the highest climb with over 2,100 steps and 103 floors! As an extra incentive, finishers enjoy panoramic views of four states and Lake Michigan on clear days.









ID-1001879Tower 42 Vertical Rush – This fun event races up 42 floors and rewards every finisher with a much-needed view of the beautiful London skyline. After seeing the city with your own two feet, a ride in the iconic red double-decker buses just won’t feel the same.

Vertigo could be preventing you from enjoying basic walks up and down the stairs, much less something more daunting like tower runs, or skyscrapers in general. There are plenty of ways to get help. One great option is to try DiVertigo, a natural herbal remedy that can be dabbed on the head behind the ear to relieve vertigo symptoms in just minutes. Find this natural product at or in specified retailers across the US and good luck with your next fitness goal! Who knows, one of these tower running events might become your next great challenge.

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