Wow – So That’s What Vertigo Feels Like

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shutterstock_59077240So, you’ve decided to visit a familiar theme park and relive memories of chasing the wind down a steep drop on a favorite roller coaster. While climbing to the top, you look around and feel something you don’t remember from the last time – a sort of dizziness that lurks in the background. It sweeps over you as you crash down the hill and you feel queasy as well. Getting off, you spin to the left and fall against the person next to you. You think nothing of it first – the ride just got to you this time, right?

A couple days later, you are in the kitchen when you notice the same feeling. You almost fall, grasping the table just in time. When you think about it, there have been other incidents over the last few months that at the time seemed isolated, but now look like a pattern. If you’ve never experienced vertigo to any large degree, you might not know that it’s a condition that can come on a lot more as we age.

What Are the Causes?

Vertigo is usually the result of changes in the way your inner ear perceives balance. Sensations travel to the brain indicating movement. One way vertigo happens is when those sensations don’t match. Your eyes see one thing, your inner ear feels another. The Mayo Clinic website has a excellent listing of the different medical terminologies and descriptions. Symptoms can last a few moments and go away, or they can last long enough and be frequent enough to impact your day-to-day life.

“Great,” you say. “Another age-related syndrome that is going to slow me down.” Well, there are things you can do to find relief and keep vertigo at bay.

Natural Remedy Can Bring Relief from Vertigo

Whether the medical condition behind your vertigo is a temporary inner-ear inflammation or the symptom of changes that will last, check with your doctor first for a diagnosis. Follow your doctor’s advice and know that there is also a natural way to get almost immediate relief from symptoms. DiVertigo is a blend of natural herbal oils that are simply placed behind the ear in droplet form. It can be used for quick relief, or calming relief of everyday vertigo symptoms, as needed.

There are a few changes that come with age that we cannot fight – fortunately, experiencing vertigo doesn’t have to be one of them. After trying DiVertigo, you might be wondering if it can really be that easy. If for some reason you don’t get the same positive results so many have experienced, simply return for a full refund.


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