Fun Tips for Retirees – Jump Starting the New Year

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shutterstock_99627746Everyone suggests eating healthy, exercising more, and being responsible about your financial nest egg.  While those are always good the New Year’s goals, what else can you do to reinvigorating your mind, body and spirit this year?  There are plenty of fun ways to do this and many will make you feel youthful.  Here are a few fun tips for enjoying retirement in 2014:

Play Mind Games

Technology today moves and changes quite rapidly, but you shouldn’t let it all fly by.  Take advantage of today’s technology and leverage its ability to keep your mind active.  Looking for examples?  Start the online program known as Lumosity that creates personalized brain-training schedules on a daily basis.  If you want something more interactive, play the Brain Age game on Nintendo DS and compete against your friends and family.

Of course, high-tech gaming and programming aren’t the only ways to improve your mind.  Even something as simple as playing chess against other retirees in the local park or starting a Risk board game tournament with your neighbors can improve cognitive health for all – and allow you to spend more time with your friends too!

Travel More

Have you always dreamed of visiting a place, but never had the chance?  The freedom of retirement makes it possible to travel more!  If you’re willing and able, there are endless opportunities to criss-cross the country, see the world, and spend time in your dream destination.  Make a plan this year to get up and go.

Even if your dream destination is out of reach, don’t let that stop you from exploring.  It’s less about the location and more about experiencing something new.  Every city has local day spots or weekend trips that are easy to reach and exciting to visit.  A little travel can go a long way in making 2014 a year to remember!

You also shouldn’t let minor health problems get in your way.  Experience vertigo?  Natural remedies, such as DiVertigo, can make traveling to new heights a breeze.  Just make sure to plan ahead and prepare before you travel.

Go Outside

It’s something you probably tell your grandkids all the time, but you can apply the same to your own lifestyle.  Rather than exercise in a stuffy indoor gym or monotonous lap pool, you should perform your workouts outside amongst the fresh air and wondrous scenery.  Numerous studies have shown that outdoor activity has a greater impact on your physical health than indoor activity because the inconsistent terrain and unexpected changes work a greater variety of muscles.

Even if exercise isn’t your top priority, getting outdoors has a positive effect on your mental health too.  Simply taking a stroll through the park or having lunch on a bench outside can decrease rates of stress and depression and boost self-esteem.  Make an effort to spend more time in natural environments and you’ll be much happier in 2014!

Meet Someone New

Just like traveling somewhere new is exciting, so is meeting someone new.  New friendships can lead to new discoveries, great stories, and fresh challenges, all of which improve your overall life experience.

In fact, just by traveling more, getting outdoors, and engaging in mind games, you’re likely to meet someone new along the way.  Heed these fun tips in 2014 and this year will remind you why you’re so happy to be a retiree!


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