5 Winter Sports Worth Trying

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ID-100159733With winter fully upon us, many of you just bundle up and hide away until spring. What if you embraced the season instead? Now is the perfect time to turn your attention to fun winter sports, and not just to watch on TV. If you are feeling good and you’ve got your vertigo in check, winter is a great time to get outside and play!



ID-1001381671. Alpine Skiing

Alpine skiing, better known as downhill skiing, is probably the most popular winter sport once snow arrives. Some of the best alpine skiing resorts in the world can be found right here in the United States, from Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in Wyoming to Squaw Valley in California to Sugarbush Resort in Vermont. The skiing you see from international athletes on tv this month might seem a bit too dangerous and risky, but the average skier partakes in runs much less challenging. In fact, most resorts have bunny slopes and multiple groomed runs so even the most inexperienced skier can attempt to learn and have fun doing it. And one day when you master the art of alpine skiing, you can raise the ante for a true adrenaline rush and go heli-skiing… well, maybe you’ll just stick to alpine skiing for now!



ID-1001381782. Snowboarding

In the past several decades, snowboarding has moved to the forefront of winter fun. Most ski resorts now have dedicated runs and terrain parks to appease the snowboarding enthusiasts. Some of the top rated places to snowboard include Mammoth Mountain, Vail Resort, and Mount Snow. If you’ve got great balance and have ever tried surfing, then you’ll have no problem adjusting your skills to tackle snowboarding. It may take you a while to learn the tricks and freestyle jumps completed by the pros, but there are plenty of rails, logs, boxes, half-pipes and other features, both natural and man-made, to practice your jumps, twists and flips. Snowboarding is certainly a fun and cool way to spend a frigid winter day.



3. Skeleton Sledding

Skeleton what? Unless you’ve seen it on television, you’ve probably never heard of this unique winter sport. Skeleton sledding involves participants lying face down on a small sled and guiding the sled with just shoulders and arms. Sleds are made of metal and do not have any braking or steering assistance, making for a very fast, slick sport full of adrenaline rushes and excitement. With pro athletes reaching speeds with five times G-force, the skeleton is definitely reserved for the most adventurous. Fortunately, anybody can safely try this awesome winter sport, one of the fastest sports around. There are dedicated skeleton sledding courses in winter wonderlands such as Park City, Utah, Whiteface Mountain, New York, and Whistler-Backcomb, British Columbia, Canada.



4. Curling

Of course, not all winter sports are so intense. Curling is a sport that has gained in popularity in the United States in the past several decades. It’s like a combination of bowling, shuffleboard and bocce. Teams compete by taking turns sliding heavy granite stones across an ice pathway toward specified targets on the ice. It takes patience and ice-skating skills, but once you learn the techniques it’s a lot of fun! There are curling clubs in places all over North America, including Lake Placid, New York, Montreal, Quebec and Fairlee, Vermont.



ID-1001443705. Cross-Country Skiing

If downhill seems too intense, then why not give cross-country skiing a shot? The best part about cross-country skiing is that you don’t need a mountain to enjoy the experience. Any flat terrain that has a few inches of snow on it will suffice. Despite the graceful appearance of cross-country skiing, the movement actually requires a significant amount of arm and leg strength. It’s a great way to get outside and exercise in the winter even when the temperatures have plummeted below freezing. This is one winter sport that everyone can and should try!
Don’t avoid the cold air this winter! Get out and try one of these great winter sports. If you worry that energetic activity might trigger a bout with vertigo, know that easy everyday relief is available. One solution is to try DiVertigo, an all-natural vertigo remedy that relieves symptoms in minutes. Simply dab a drop or two on the head behind your ears 10 minutes before you go. Purchase Divertigo at and you will be able to thoroughly enjoy your winter adventures!

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